Battle-Diaper Change

Battle-Diaper Change

Why is it so hard to change a baby’s diaper? One would think that she’d want to get outta that thing right away and sit still so that she can have a clean bum. Oh no, that is the time when my DD chooses to be extra squirmy and also the time she chooses to discovery the land that is the change table.

A diaper change is most time a duel match that both us of are determined to win, me more so than DD because of course you know, she’s the baby. Surprising, she only wants to discover the intricacies of the ceiling and the contents of her diaper basket at the exact moment when she is about to be changed.

Most times I try to distract her with a toy that I always keep handy on her change table. Other times I let her play with a clean diaper. This works most of the time, unless she is really tired or hungry and is not in the mood to be distracted. Also, what I find very helpful is putting some music on, this seems to distract her, especially baby Beethoven or a Winnie the Pooh CD. Other times I may torture her with my singing, which if I am to be completely honest, she truly enjoys (yeah right). Most times singing a very animated kid’s song will do the trick. My DD loves itchy bitsy spider and old McDonald farm, all the animal noises make her laugh and she forgets that she’s having a diaper change.

I always find that it is important to get in and get out, so before I change or clean her I have her diaper cream, wipes and clean diaper all lined up and ready to go. This allows me to do the deed fairly fast and this will minimize any potential fussiness.

However, there are those moments when you come face to face with a baby who is determined to let it all hang out. I must’ve changed over 3000 diapers, yet I still have not mastered the art of diaper changes. It is even more so challenging with an extremely curious infant.


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