Alphabet Wall Art

Alphabet Wall Art

This was a really fun and easy project which turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Don’t you agree?

I had some foam numbers that a good friend of mine gave babyE as a gift. They were actually supposed to be bath time foam letters that she could play with while taking her bath. She has never really used them and I thought it’d be a great idea to make decorative wall art with them, while also encouraging her to learn her ABCs. They would hang right over her crib and she could look at them and at her own whim and fancy. she’ll learn her ABCs in no time!

To make my poject I used about 4  blank white canvases. You can purchase these at the art store or art supply store. They are fairly inexpensive. I attached ribbon to the back using a staple gun. The canvases are already equipped with panels at the back and the ribbon adds a decorative element and is especially useful for hanging. I recycled my ribbon from a gift that I received for babyE. It was wrapped in this beautiful green ribbon that I felt would come on handy at some point, which it actually did. I actually recycle a lot of ribbon that come with gifts; I’ve used them for her hair as well as other art projects. Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse right?

You can measure, cut and attach the ribbon before or after you paint the canvases. I used green left over paint we had stored, but you can use whatever colour that you can find. I thought that the green matched nicely the colour of her room, which is yellow. So I added two to three coats of paint to the canvases and I let them dry for about an hour. I used water based paint so this process was fairly quick.

After the paint dried, I got out my handy glue gun  (I love my glue gun so much, it is amazeballs!)

I used my glue gun to the attach the letters to the canvases. I let dry for a few minutes and then I hung them. What do you think?


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