Ms. Independent!

Ms. Independent!

BabyE is now 10 months old and she has now declared her disdain for the mush (aka. Puree meals) that we have been feeding her. For the past few days she has refused to eat her sweet potato puree, a meal she used to thoroughly enjoy. Last week it was nothing short of bribery to get her to eat her carrots. I guess she’s a big girl now, huh? As a mom, I try to feed her healthy foods that will give her the requisite nutrients that she need. Right now she is all about trying to feed herself, she grabs the spoon during meal time and wants to pick up her own food. Talk about Ms. Independent!

So, I was wondering, what do I do with all this sweet potato that she has stored for the week? Being far more clever than I give myself credit for I thought of a great idea. The sweet potato was a thick puree, so I scooped it out and rolled into ting logs then dipped them in a tiny bit of flour and baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes. Then I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on my sweet potato logs and fed them to Ms. Independent as finger food. So now she still gets to feed herself and eat her veggies all at the same time. Everyone wins!

Having solved that problem, I still have to worry about making her meals for next week.  So I went searching on the internet and found some really great ideas for mealtime. She may not like all of them but atleast she’ll try it once.


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