Operation Finger Foods

Operation Finger Foods


If you baby is anything like mine, he or she will be acting all grown already and wanting to feed themself. Despite the potentially inevitable mess, it is important to help your baby become a self-feeder. This will encourage their independence and hopefully they will move out of the house by 18 years old :).  If all else fail, I guess you can assist them along by feeding them tiny bits of food at a time. When I put food directly into babyE’s mouth, she always pulls it out and examines it thoroughly before she eats it. That baby is a trip.

Like any other mom, I struggle to find her new and interesting things to eat and old things in new varieties. It is a challenge, but an absolute pleasure for me to make her food.

Here are a few snacks that I give my 10 month old. She really loves these and they’re quick and easy to make.

  1. Toasted bagel with cream cheese ( broken into bite size portions)
  2. Mulri-Grain cheerios with homemade apple sauce or yogurt
  3. Bite size portion of softened fruit, like pears or peach. I also give her mango in cubes with the skin still on and she peels the flesh away with her teeth, makes her feel so independent.
  4. Bite sized ripe banana covered in yogurt or milled oats
  5. Bits of crackers with cheese ( she LOVES cheese)
  6. Bite size grilled cheese on wheat bread
  7. Baked sweet potato sticks with a pinch of cinnamon
  8. Shredded turkey or chicken

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