Carry, Crawl, Cruise…

Carry, Crawl, Cruise…

BabyE is a cruising. She actually started crawling navy seal style at 7 ½ months, but since 8 ½ months she’s found her fast flight knees and now she is a lightning bolt crawler. Her fast flight knees seem to take her everywhere, especially from the scene of a crime, like after pulling down mommy’s CDs. It’s so amazing to watch her discover her feet, but I’m secretly dreading her first steps. There will be more falls, some bruises (I hope not too many) some running away when mommy calls and even more independence *roll eyes*. Before, I could hold her in my arms and she’s go where I go, without ever complaining; now that she is about to break out on her own, it’s a little bit scary.

She’s now fussing to be put down on the floor so she can roam at her own whim and fancy, can you even believe it? Miss E wants to be one on one with the floor; she is sometimes, literally so, because I find her licking the floor from time to time. (Don’t know what that’s really about, but it cannot at all be hygienic) So of course with her well-developed pincer grasp and her acute eye sight she finds even tiny hair follicles with questionable origins. They may or may not belong to our dog, but I’m not really keen on her finding out.

Daddy and I find ourselves constantly sweeping and mopping little messes so they don’t find their way into her mouth. Seems she is always putting something into her mouth. We have to watch her like a hawk, her nanny is like security detail, running along behind her as she crawls along, looking for adventure.

Now she is no longer in love with the floor, she likes the furniture because they take her to new heights, literally. She can stand and reach for things; forbidden things, like mommy’s CDs (notice how bitter I am about my CDs?). Anyway, we put child proof wedges on the corners of the furniture to protect her from bumping into them or hurting herself, but she goes around the house pulling them off and of course, putting them into her mouth.

I fear that one day she will take a bite out of our dog, and Daisy (our dog) will certainly not be pleased about this, nor will I. She is a biter by the way (I must discuss this in another blog, because her biting is epic) and that in itself is a challenge to get her to stop doing, because she find my whelps of pain to be quite hilariously entertaining.

Wow, I cannot believe she is already this big, the day we brought her home is still so very fresh in our minds, and it seems like time has just flashed by. I can’t slow her growth, but I try to capture as many of the moments as I possibly can. It so amazing to watch this little beauty grow up.


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