NO! Baby

NO! Baby

BabyE must hear the word NO a thousand times, yet she never seems to recognize it. She is so curious, it’s so funny to watch her discover everything, especially if it means hearing the word NO! Surprisingly she never seems as interested in her toys as she does the TV remote or those nice scented candles mommy laid out. Oh no, she’s been there and done that, who wants to play with Mr. Frog when she can shove a handful of paper into her mouth.

She’s even trying to reach for the door handle on tip toe and trying to grab things off the dresser. I tend to distract her from her mission of mayhem most times, hoping that she will abandon all thoughts of it. Not my baby, she is determined to grab my lip gloss off the night stand or eat my sunglasses for lunch.

She is strong willed, this one, and as much as I say ‘NO baby’ she smiles as if to say, ‘YES’!. I try to let her discover non-threatening items, like my work out DVDs that she cannot possibly pry open (hopefully) or my plastic bracelets. She likes being victorious in her attempt to discover the world around her.

I don’t know I see enterprising and creative things in her future. But you know I could be biased, but I don’t think so.


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