Almost there, little grasshopper

Almost there, little grasshopper

This weekend, Saturday to be specific, babyE stood all by herself for a good 5 seconds! It was so exciting; I jumped up and down as if I’d won a bet at the races. Of course I reached for my camera and the moment passed when she promptly fell to the floor on her buttocks. Her daddy was so proud.

Much to my disagreement, she has in fact been in baby boot camp. Yes believe it. He intends to raise some kind of prodigy and he’s been training her to walk; not Rocky style training, thank god. He takes her on little trips up and down the hallway, around the house and in the yard. Nowadays she doesn’t even require that you hold both her hands, she is fine with just one hand. It really is an issue of balance and confidence though, because she does walk very briskly and pretty balanced, once she is being held. I believe she fears falling and is not as adventurous in this aspect. However when it comes to climbing that baby is fearless. I have many a times found her on top of the couch reaching for god knows what.  She also enjoys climbing everyone who will allow her to, and then when she’s reached your shoulders she bites you in the head as if to declare her arrival and mark her territory.

He daddy thinks she’ll be taking her first steps in no time. Of course, I cannot wait! I will be ready with my trusty camera. Until then she’s been getting around with the assistance of furniture, via cruising, crawling and assisted walking. She even can stand on tip toes and reach for things, it’s so fun to watch her explore uninhibited, even though I have to chase after her many times. Of course, she’s so grown now that she tries to wiggle free from your embrace just so that she can get to the floor.

Her grandparents bought her a walker that she now plays in atleast once a day to strengthen her legs and for exercise. It’s so funny to watch her walk into corners and then try to reverse. We hope that pretty soon she will bravely take her first steps, and I cannot wait to see it!


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