3 items to make mommyhood a tiny bit easier!

3 items to make mommyhood a tiny bit easier!

As a mother, I try to be resourceful and flexible even though I am a grade A certified control freak. I also am a planner and I make a list for pretty much everything, not just for the grocery store. When I was pregnant I made a list for things to buy our new baby, things to get for the nursery, things to take to the hospital, things to do while at the hospital, things to eat while at the hospital, and even a list of the breathing exercises we learnt in Lamaze class. So you get my point, I am a list girl. I am currently working on a birthday party list for BabyE’s first birthday which is more than a month away!

Anyway, I digress…as I was saying, there are things they tell you that you absolutely don’t need when you become a mother. I am here to tell you the opposite. These things make your life so much easier and better, and I am all about making things better to enhance the motherhood experience. With a baby around requiring full time attention, it’s hard to make the time stretch to all that needs to be done. Also, some things are just practical; I often wonder what I would do without these items. I mean, of course I would have no choice but to cope, but why should I deny myself the pleasure?

1. Microwave baby bottle sterilizer

I love this, I really do. It makes my life so much easier, I cannot even tell you. My sister told me, I should just boil the bottles, just like they’ve done for many years. It was far cheaper, and what can you trust to get rid of germs more than pot of boiling water, right? So the doubt set in, and I thought, could I really get all her bottles sterilized from a steam microwavable contraption? I was confused, so we registered for one anyway. It has made my life so much better! Imagine having to wash and sterilize tons of bottles everyday! I simply wash and microwave sterilize for 5 minutes, if I’m in doubt I go an extra minute of two for good measure. If I had to boil those bottles, I would have a pot on the stove every 4 hours back when babyE was drinking milk every 2 hours.

2. Baby food processor

I know I’ve said how much easier my life is with a baby bullet, or any other processor out there, it really is. Back when Ms. Independent was into mush, I would make batches of meals for the week and it would all be gravy. It saves so much time and money! Now that she likes more textured stuff, I still use my BB, to make dough for her calaloo or pumpkin ravioli , apple sauce, or even smoothies. After she is done with it, I can even use it to make single serve shakes for myself, talk about multi-function.

3. Diaper Genie

I don’t have one of these but I wish I did. From the reviews some say the diaper genie is a complete waste of money. But now I think that I sure would have loved one. When your baby is drinking only breast milk and/or formula her poop is pretty much odor free. However, when the solids start, that is a completely different story. I tend to get that thing to the garbage, outside ASAP after she drops a load. I don’t want to embarrass my little one by talking about her number 2s, but you get my point. Trekking back and forth to the garbage is tiresome, and believe me you cannot under any circumstance leave that thing inside her room. The fumes are near toxic. If there was a diaper genie about, one could pop it in and the odor neutralizer would take care of the smell atleast until the end of the day. Many moms know that baby’s go sometimes 3 or more times a day. Phew! Enough said.

There you have it, my 3 items, wouldn’t you agree that these are the bomb and so useful for mommyhood?


2 thoughts on “3 items to make mommyhood a tiny bit easier!

  1. Gr8 blog Cass! But my 3 MUST items are: proper changing table (don’t take it 4 granted) u can get a bad bck lol, diaper genie and NOT just a sterlizer but a Tommee tippee electric sterlizer (not microwave but electric).

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