I think she hates my cooking!

I think she hates my cooking!

For a few weeks now, I’ve found myself on my knees under babyE’s high chair picking up the remnants of her lunch, well not just remnants but her actual lunch! Now, I cannot help but feel extremely hurt that she doesn’t seem to like my cooking, or even worse, is becoming a picky eater. She recently declared (by spitting her mush back into her plate) that she no longer desires purees for lunch, or in fact at any time. I’m very grateful that she still enjoys my apple sauce. That is something to be thankful for.

Also, having developed the ability to feed herself, she has also developed enhanced taste buds, which means that if doesn’t taste fancy, she is not having it. So now I’m trying to make her delicious food without adding salt. Boy has it been a challenge. Sometimes I add oregano for more flavors or some other spice. She has refused everything, and not in a subtle way; which brings me back to the food on the floor. I think i’m a pretty good cook, if you ask my spouse, he would easily agree without even being bribed.

DD may patronize me at first and take a bite but it promptly ends up under her high chair. Luckily our dog Daisy seems to love my cooking. I have made her everything from new treats, ravioli and ground beef hash  to familiar favs of chicken soup and chicken bites. She does not want any of it. Let me tell you this, the familiar tricks that I’ve used to get her to open her mouth no longer work. I can cho cho train all day long, and all I will get is a cute little smirk, in recognition of my gallant but futile efforts. Now I am at a loss for what to give her as she used to like her carrots and sweet potatoes, now these go sailing across the room at lightning speed. In fact if it doesn’t have cheese on it, she isn’t having it. I make her pasta shells with cream cheese and melted cheddar cheese, I try sneak some sweet peas and carrots in there too. I guess everything taste better with cheese, right?

Atlas, I am no quitter, and round one may belong to my DD, but round two and the inevitable victory will be mine. I just need to find something that she really loves to eat and make it for her as many different ways as I can. Ironically though I find that whenever daddy and I are having dinner, DD is all up in our plates. It must be what I’ve suspected all along, she thinks she’s grown and wants to eat what the grown-ups are having.


2 thoughts on “I think she hates my cooking!

  1. Awwww mommy it will get bettr. Next she won’t eat unless she is holdin her own fork or spoon. It nevr ends…#happymommy

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