Baby Goggles?

Baby Goggles?

It takes two of us to wash babyE’s hair. Yes, that’s right, two grown folks to one baby. She has thick curly hair and she doesn’t want it washed. Well I don’t think it’s the hair she doesn’t want washed, I think it’s the water in her eyes that scares her. I don’t know if you’ve tried ( if you have, please tell me how you do it) but I can never seem to get her to lie back willingly so that I can wash the shampoo from her hair so that it doesn’t get into her eyes.

We use tear free shampoo, so it doesn’t burn her eyes but regardless of this, I mean who wants water running down their face? I sure don’t. So I have to get daddy to gently hold her so that I can wash her hair out; it’s quite hilarious to watch two grown people trying to maneuver a tiny infant, well she isn’t THAT tiny.

So, the other day daddy suggested that we get some baby goggles for her so that she doesn’t get water in her eyes. At first, I laughed so hard because I thought it was very funny, but when I thought about it, it seemed like a pretty good idea to me and I know babyE would certainly agree!


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