Teething Pains…(Literally!)

Teething Pains…(Literally!)

Adam and Eve had many advantages, but the principal one was that they escaped teething.  ~Mark Twain

It just never seems to get better, teething that is. One would think that after sprouting out 8 tiny rice grains, that babyE would find teething a breeze, au contraire. This time around she even has a slightly worrying fever and lots of fussiness to boot. Her gum is swollen and she’s hardly in the mood for her bottle or any kind of food in fact. It takes quite a lot of gentle coaxing to get her to eat something. I’m glad that atleast she still listens to her mamma.

I really would love to have a chat with that tooth fairy, maybe we could come to some sort of agreement as to how to reduce the pain my DD feels when she’s cutting a tooth. Is that even the tooth fairy’s department? I don’t even know.

BabyE had a temperature all weekend, and she’s been biting her tiny fingers off; any attempt to inspect her mouth is met with stern protest from her. I hate seeing her so fussy, knowing I can hardly do much about it besides distract her with hugs and kisses. Sometimes a cool or ice cold teething ring helps, although lately she’s resorted to biting little holes into them.

As any parents knows this part is absolutely no fun at all, besides a tiny fever and major fussiness she is still in good spirits, this one’s a fighter you know. I wish I could kiss away the boo boo L I hate seeing her cry, it breaks my heart, but I’m rooting on that tiny tooth and just praying that it cuts soon so that she will be back to her usual curious, care free, fuss free self.


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