I love that my baby is a chattabox!

I love that my baby is a chattabox!

I can have a full on conversation with my DD, she talks that much. She is actually repeating words that you say to her and I think she may have at least 5 consistent words in her literary arsenal. This of course makes me so proud, especially now because I see that my deaf tone singing to her is seemingly paying off.

BabyE has never heard baby talk; she may frown a bit if ever it was introduced to her now. Since she was a newborn we talked to her like normal and encouraged everyone around her to do the same. I even started reading to her when she was just weeks old. I knew she didn’t have a clue what I was saying, but the experts said that she would store them in her memory, so I listened to the experts. I read to her every day and some of those books I know by heart. Dr. Zeus and I bonded quite well.

These days, my little soon to be toddler can say one and two syllable words, she is especially fond of the word ‘bird’ especially because they frequent our backyard and I point them out to her often. Of course she has ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ all locked away. Daddy is all proud that she said dada first despite my claim that it is quite normal for babies to do so.

Nowadays she watches your mouth and sometimes repeats what you say. Just a few days ago she bit me and I shouted ‘ouch’ she looked at me keenly and repeated the word. Despite the bite, I was pretty proud. Sometimes I swear she even asks ‘what you do’?  When she is not quite sure what we may be doing at the time. I’d like to think that my singing and our reading is helping her to develop her growing vocabulary.

She has a play mat in her room, with puzzled letters and numbers. She likes to pull the letters out and chew on them or play with them. Every time she pulls a letter out, I tell her some words that begin with that letter. I think it’s a good way for her to learn new words. Sometimes while she’s having her bath or changing her diaper I tell her about my day or about random things, she seems to listen so keenly and sometimes she even replies and I respond with an answer to a question I think she may have asked. It’s quite fun to chat with her, she is such a good listener. Now, we cannot get her to be quiet, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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