What goes first ?

What goes first ?

Daddy and I have had ongoing ‘discussion’ about whether or not it matters how babyE’s formula is made. It’s a sort of a chicken or egg, type of discussion, only this time it’s whether the formula goes in the bottle first or the water. *roll eyes (yes, you are indeed correct, we are weird people)

Now, I always put the formula in first, because from my experience it mixes better. He thinks otherwise; he believes that you measure the water first then measure the formula in. However the problem I have with that recipe is that if I’m making an eight ounce bottle, sometimes the formula will not fit and I have to shake and then add more formula. Have you had that experience? Although the reverse is also true, if I add formula and then water, I obviously have to add water after I’ve mixed it because it is never the right measurement.

Anyway, in my mind it really doesn’t matter how the formula is made as long as it’s measured right and she enjoys it. Daddies can be a bit technical and mommies, well, very practical. On the other hand you should hear daddy’s rationale for how babyE should wear her chemise (cotton baby shirt), that have buttons at the back. He firmly believes that regardless of the presence of a cute little bear or angel embroidered on the front that is no clear indication that the buttons should be at the back, because in his mind, buttons always go to the front. He cracks me up.


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