12 questions I’d love to ask my one year old…

12 questions I’d love to ask my one year old…


In my mind, I know that babyE understands most of what I say, except when she is being naughty, because she seems to ignore me at that point. Nonetheless I am convinced that she can understand most of what I tell or ask her. It would be fun and quite interesting if she could respond to some burning questions that I have. Some time this week I was reading a BabyCenter blog and a mom wrote questions that she’d like to ask her little one. I found it so hilarious because I could totally relate. There are a few questions I would love to ask my DD, especially because some things seem so incredibly puzzling to me.

Of course I won’t ask her if she knows that mommy and daddy loves; she hears this so much, I think she already tire of us being all up in her grill all the time, and by us I mean ME. Daddy pretends like he isn’t under her spell but when I’m not looking or I’m not around, she gift wraps him around her tiny little adorable fingers. It really is amazing and fascinating to watch her grow up, but here are my questions….

  1. What does hair taste like? I know it cannot taste good at all, based of the faces you make after you’ve taken a huge bite out of my hair, but yet you seem to keep coming back for more.
  2. Do you not like your poopy diaper to be changed? I imagine you would want to get out of it as soon as possible, yet you squirm about as if you don’t want to be changed.
  3. When you hear NO, does it sound like the word YES?
  4. Why do you have to taste test every molecule or crumb that you find on the ground? You should just take mommy’s word that it can’t possibly be edible.
  5. Why do you always bite mommy and NOT Daddy? Is it because you enjoy mommy’s screams of agony?
  6. Why is your hand ALWAYS in my plate, yet you never seem interested in your own lunch, which is the exact same thing in most cases?
  7. Why do you detest hygiene? Is this a sign of things to come? I cannot fathom why you hate your face being washed or your teeth being cleaned so much.
  8. Do you hate mommy’s taste in music? I think you secretly wish you could throw my CDs out. I only ask this because every day, sometimes twice a day you rip them from the shelf and throw them to the ground with such force I can only imagine that you detest my music choices.
  9. Why do you pat your head all of the time?
  10. Why do you hate sleep so much? What has it ever done to you?
  11. Do you know Chinese? I suspect that you secretly do!
  12. Why do you insist on pulling the dog’s ears? I can assure you that they’re real.

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