10 indisputable rights of pregnant women

10 indisputable rights of pregnant women

I read  this article on babycenter, and I found it to be completely hilarious and totally relatable, all at the same time. I had to share it…

I am 32 weeks pregnant and in the thick of pregnancy. In the past 5 days, I’ve washed an iPhone (literally washed it in the washing machine), had an emotional breakdown, got cankles (noo!!!!!) and craved ice.The July 2012 Birth Club members are listing their pregnancy rights. I thought I’d pull out some of the most important.

So pregnant ladies, let’s all band together and declare the 10 rights of pregnant women! Embrace and defend your rights and do not feel guilty.

10 indisputable rights of pregnant women:

1. She shall have the right to drop something and look around pitifully until someone feels bad enough to come along and pick it up.

2. She has the right to messy toenail polish. This includes the right to get a pedicure to avoid having messy toenail polish. Whether a pregnant woman decides to embrace her right to messy toes or a pedicure is her choice and she shall not be judged.

3. She has the right to spill food on her belly without being mocked.

4. She has the right to lay claim to any food in the house. All others shall assume the last piece of pie or the last serving of cereal has been claimed by this right unless told otherwise.

5. She has the right to waddle. Anyone in the presence of her waddling is restricted from laughing or gawking at said waddling.

6. She has the right to claim “pregnancy brain” at any time.

7. She has the right to moan, groan or grunt when getting out of a chair, rolling over in bed, putting on her shoes or doing any activity that requires shifting her weight.

8. She has the right to claim flip-flops as appropriate footwear under any circumstance.

9. She has the sole rights to the house’s thermostat. Do not question when she has the AC on and it’s 60 degrees outside or if she has the windows open while it’s snowing. Wear extra layers in the house without complaint.

10. She has the right to talk about being “large” or “huge”, but no one else can claim that right. She is the only person allowed to talk about her size.

Ten rights sounded good, but I could continue with this all day. What would you add to the list of the rights of pregnant women?


By Katherine Martin (www.babycenter.com contributor)


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