War of the veggies: Baby E: 1, Me: 2

War of the veggies: Baby E: 1, Me: 2

You know the popular saying if you can’t beat them join them? Well, I say if you can’t beat them, then trick them! Have you found that your once cooperative infant who used to enjoy her pureed peas, carrots or sweet potatoes now seem to constantly resist her veggies by hurling them across the room or throwing them to the ground into the waiting jaws of your family pet? I don’t know about you, but my soon to be toddler, seem to hate her veggies, detest them even. I don’t know if it’s the taste she doesn’t fancy or what, but I find it quite difficult to get her eat her carrots, peas, broccoli or anything in the veggie family.

I serve her diced carrots with turkey and she nibbles on the turkey, spit all the carrots out and then throw them to the ground. Faced with a dilemma of ‘veggies rejection’ I decided that what she doesn’t know certainly will not hurt her. So I started hiding her veggies in her favorite foods, hoping that she will eventually acquire the taste and get the requisite nutrients all at the same time. The good part is, at least for now she will certainly not be the wiser.

I know that she really enjoys pasta shells with melted cheese, so I puree carrots or sometimes broccoli and coat the pasta shells with the pureed veggie after I’ve cooked them, and then I add cheese and serve. She actually dug it, as evidenced by the empty plate and yummy sounds she made during her lunch. Recently I found a great homemade chicken nuggets recipe that I posted on the blog. I decided to try it, and substituted the oats for steamed carrots. I blended the carrots with the chicken breasts, added the spices, coated with bread crumbs and baked them for 20 minutes. They came out great and delicious, if I might add, and guess what DD gobbled them right up, the same carrots she refused the day before. Today she had a full serving of veggies and she is none the wiser.

I’ve even tried adding veggies to grilled cheese that I make her sometimes. I spread pureed peas on one side of the whole wheat toast and shredded cheese on the other, close and toast until cheese is melted, then I cut into tiny cubes and serve. She loves it!

I mean, by whatever means necessary right? I think so too.


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