Double Duty : Birthday Decor turned baby room backdrop

Double Duty : Birthday Decor turned baby room backdrop

Dear friends, I love arts and crafts, it excites me and I have lots of fun doing it. I cannot wait till babyE is old enough so that we can enjoy some hard core finger painting and maybe some collages, I do enjoy a good collage.

Last week was our DD’s first birthday ( more on this is in another post) It was so much fun and she seem to enjoy it a lot, especially from all the smiles and attention she got, diva in the making, it’s so obvious at this point. Anyway, I decided to make my own decorations, just to have something unique and ungeneric (is that even a word?).

Here is a tutorial of what I made, which I can only describe as coloured circles hanging party decals, and then later baby room backdrop. I bought some coloured cartridge letter sized paper from a fabulous store called Growing Minds, they have everything a curious mind would love, educational toys and all.

I bought different colours so that it would look bright and cheery, I  picked all the neon colours I could find.

Trace circles onto the paper, you can make any size circles you like. My baby bullet short cup cover was the perfect size

After cutting out the circles, measure the ribbon to the appropriate length that you desire. Cut ribbon. I made seven ribbons, which was enough for the number of circles I had. Measure the distance you want between each circle. I measured mine at 5cm apart. Put a tiny bit of glue ( I ended up using a glue gun, I thought the glue would hold better) unto the back of the circles and glue to the ribbon. Repeat, with a dfferent colour circle until complete.

I hung them in the ceiling for her party, they were real pretty and unique too. Then afterwards I used them to create a backdrop behind her crib in her room.

She really enjoys tugging at them and they add some vibrancy to her room. Atleast I think so

Here are a few more pictures


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