We went to the zoo!

We went to the zoo!

Last weekend we took babyE to the zoo! We haven’t been in many years, and it was exciting to show her where daddy and I met many years ago (yes we met at the zoo). Our local zoo is under some renovation, so we didn’t expect to find much there, but we were pleasantly surprised.

BabyE is a fan of birds; she loves them, and points them out frequently when she goes on nature walks in our yard. We see a lot of birds on a daily basis, some of which enjoy taking regular sips from our dog’s water bowl. The zoo had a lot of variety of birds, they had coloured macaws, owls, flamingoes, and some varieties I couldn’t recognize.

However, the best part of the trip was when we got to feed the budgie birds. They had a cage full of these beautiful and colourful birds and they let you feed them, how awesome is that!  You put food in your palm and the birds descend on you and peck away at the bird seeds. Ms. E didn’t actually feed any birds, I did, but she was close by and one would think with so many birds descending on her that she would be scared, she was such a good sport. I think she was more curious than anything else, and at one point attempted to grab a bird’s wing.

Anyway here are a few pictures of a really fun day.


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