Bye Bye Baby,Hello Toddler !

Bye Bye Baby,Hello Toddler !

My baby (I mean toddler) is one year old! Time sure flies especially when you’re enjoying being a mom. It’s been a great year, there were many great moments than there were challenges and I learnt a lot. I’ve never enjoyed a more exciting role than motherhood. My little one is a year going on three. She’s already walking (when she wants to move faster she crawls) She’s still is a bit cautious, which is puzzling to me, because she will climb the couch and lunge at the computer table fearlessly or climb the window sill to look out the window.

She had a great day; I’m assuming she did because she was smiling all day, which was our aim. Her smile is pretty normal in our home anyway, especially when she is rough-housing it with her dad or watching her mommy try to dougie. We tried to make it a fun and low key birthday for her; despite the fact that she probably didn’t realize that it was actually her birthday!

It was easy for us to decide to keep it small (close friends and family only) because you know, she’ll probably not remember most of it, and I didn’t want her to get agitated with too many unfamiliar faces around. So it was a pretty awesome day, we sang her Happy Birthday, and like any diva in the making would, she thoroughly enjoyed it. Now onto many many more great birthdays for our little angel !


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