Mommies and Milestones

Mommies and Milestones

Let me tell you, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching your baby learn to do simple, yet amazing things we adults take for granted every day. The first smile, the first sit up, crawling, it’s all an incredible chapter in your baby’s book of life. This is one of the many things I enjoy about being a mom. I love to brag about how smart my daughter is because she can stand in her crib all by herself or crawl to me, when I ask her to. My friends with no children always roll their eyes and comment that these are normal everyday things. But to me, my baby is some kind of genius.

The first time my baby smiled back at me, I felt so accomplished. I tried taking a million pictures so that I could capture that moment in time. I was just so darn proud. Now I believe that my little one is above her developmental curve by atleast a month, and despite the fact that this may just be her normal development I really don’t care, I just enjoy watching her do new things and discovering new places and learning new tasks.

She has now mastered the pincer grasp and I’ve gotten so excited that I stopped pureeing her bananas and her mango and I now cut them up into tiny bits and drop them on her highchair table and watch her pick them up. I’m like a mommy coach training her to grasp the little pellets of foods and put them to her mouth. It’s so great to watch her smile at me, as I encourage her along, I think she patronizes me a lot and I thank her for that.

Sometimes, as much as I try to record all of my daughter’s milestones I never seem to be able to coax a second performance out of her when the camera has missed the first one. I’m always so thankful that I am always around to experience it the first time around. I clap my hands and smile like she’s the valedictorian at her college graduation. And she sometimes gives me a puzzling look like, what’s the fuss all about?

I’m such a proud mama, its fun to watch her crawl to me, all the while fussing that I seem to be moving further away as she approaches; she always dives for me when she finally reaches near, as if to say, gotcha. Em is tenacious and determined, never tell her that it’s not time for her to be trying to stand unassisted by herself at 8 months, she will cruise to a spot and let go and never worry that no one will be there to catch her. She never worries about falling. She is steadfast and determined to walk and I find her spirit so pure and endearing.

All these glorious milestones are to be nurtured and appreciated so that babies can enjoy them and encourage themselves to be brave in trying new things. Every child develops differently and at different stages but it sure is exciting to watch them grow up, even though at times you wish they would stay tiny and adorable.




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