TV is good…sometimes

TV is good…sometimes

I have been weary of allowing my kids to have too much TV time, because the experts and naysayers think it might not help their tiny little brains develop well. However, I have to say in moderation TV has been a good experience, a learning experience for my kids, and even for me. There are a few shows that I cannot stop singing their praises, they really helped my child learn new and interesting things about the world. Here are my favorite three:

The Octonauts


The Octonauts follows an underwater exploring crew made up of stylized animals, a team of eight adventurers who live in an undersea base, the Octopod, from where they go on undersea adventures with the help of a fleet of aquatic vehicles. I love this series because it teaches about marine life and marine animals. I have seen a few episodes with my children and the wealth of information each episode presents about different living creatures in the sea is invaluable. My daughter now knows that dolphins are mammals and also knows why squids squirt ink when they are afraid.

Team Umizoomi


Math anyone? Team Umizoomi is an animated musical series with an emphasis on preschool mathematical concepts, such as counting, sequences, shapes, patterns, measurements, and comparisons. The stars are three mini superheros Milli and Geo and a friendly robot named Bot. I enjoy this show because it helps children develop their “Mighty Math Powers!” There is counting involved and shapes, and its done in a fun and colorful way so that they feel like the’re having fun while learning.



The show revolves around young troll Wally Trollman, who uses his magic stick to turn words into physical objects or occurrences, along with his pet dragon Norville and three friends. I love this serious because it helps children not only learn words but also focus on the specific letter each word begins with in each episode. Children learn words and their meaning and actions starting with that letter. Besides that the songs are also very catchy.

There you have it, my top three TV shows that I let my kids watch guilt free because I know they will come away with some great knowledge. Do you agree, what sort of shows do you let your kids watch guilt free?


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