Mommies and Milestones

Mommies and Milestones

Let me tell you, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching your baby learn to do simple, yet amazing things we adults take for granted every day. The first smile, the first sit up, crawling, it’s all an incredible chapter in your baby’s book of life. This is one of the many things I enjoy about being a mom. I love to brag about how smart my daughter is because she can stand in her crib all by herself or crawl to me, when I ask her to. My friends with no children always roll their eyes and comment that these are normal everyday things. But to me, my baby is some kind of genius.

The first time my baby smiled back at me, I felt so accomplished. I tried taking a million pictures so that I could capture that moment in time. I was just so darn proud. Now I believe that my little one is above her developmental curve by atleast a month, and despite the fact that this may just be her normal development I really don’t care, I just enjoy watching her do new things and discovering new places and learning new tasks.

She has now mastered the pincer grasp and I’ve gotten so excited that I stopped pureeing her bananas and her mango and I now cut them up into tiny bits and drop them on her highchair table and watch her pick them up. I’m like a mommy coach training her to grasp the little pellets of foods and put them to her mouth. It’s so great to watch her smile at me, as I encourage her along, I think she patronizes me a lot and I thank her for that.

Sometimes, as much as I try to record all of my daughter’s milestones I never seem to be able to coax a second performance out of her when the camera has missed the first one. I’m always so thankful that I am always around to experience it the first time around. I clap my hands and smile like she’s the valedictorian at her college graduation. And she sometimes gives me a puzzling look like, what’s the fuss all about?

I’m such a proud mama, its fun to watch her crawl to me, all the while fussing that I seem to be moving further away as she approaches; she always dives for me when she finally reaches near, as if to say, gotcha. Em is tenacious and determined, never tell her that it’s not time for her to be trying to stand unassisted by herself at 8 months, she will cruise to a spot and let go and never worry that no one will be there to catch her. She never worries about falling. She is steadfast and determined to walk and I find her spirit so pure and endearing.

All these glorious milestones are to be nurtured and appreciated so that babies can enjoy them and encourage themselves to be brave in trying new things. Every child develops differently and at different stages but it sure is exciting to watch them grow up, even though at times you wish they would stay tiny and adorable.



7 chores your toddler should be doing

7 chores your toddler should be doing

by Molly Balint


1. Pick up toys and put them into baskets or tubs.

2. Put away laundry pile. On small removable stickers, I drew pictures of what went into each drawer of my kids’ dressers. Undies, long sleeve tshirts, pajamas, etc. It’s been great for getting them to sort and put away laundry on their own. If you don’t want to make them yourself, here’s an adorable set from Crafterhours.

3. Fold laundry. Starting with small items like washcloths or tea towels is a great place to start. Eventually, they can “graduate” to things like their own pants and Tshirts which are small and easy to fold.

4. Pick up dirty laundry and put it in the hamper.

5. Put away silverware and non-breakables in the dishwasher. Obviously, you’ll want to remove the knives or other sharp objects first, but this is a simple task and works their sorting skills.

6. Pour water. My toddler likes to pour water. From the sink, to the floor. From the bathtub, to the floor. From her cup, to the floor. BUT, you can harness that “skill” for good by having them water plants or fill pet water bowls. And giving them a small watering can or cup for this job is perfect.

7. Empty small trash cans. Emptying small, lightweight trashcans is an easy task for a toddler. You can make it even easier by lining your cans with small plastic bags that they can simply lift out. Otherwise they can use those same “pouring” skills to dump trash into a larger bag that you or an older child holds open for them.

A few other ideas for your toddler’s to-do list? Wiping down sinks with non-toxic cleaners, dusting, carrying light grocery bags in from the car, closing cupboards.

With a little guidance we can enjoy these early years when our child actually jumps at the chance to help us clean! I’d love to hear what chores your toddler helps out with around the house.

Bye Bye Baby,Hello Toddler !

Bye Bye Baby,Hello Toddler !

My baby (I mean toddler) is one year old! Time sure flies especially when you’re enjoying being a mom. It’s been a great year, there were many great moments than there were challenges and I learnt a lot. I’ve never enjoyed a more exciting role than motherhood. My little one is a year going on three. She’s already walking (when she wants to move faster she crawls) She’s still is a bit cautious, which is puzzling to me, because she will climb the couch and lunge at the computer table fearlessly or climb the window sill to look out the window.

She had a great day; I’m assuming she did because she was smiling all day, which was our aim. Her smile is pretty normal in our home anyway, especially when she is rough-housing it with her dad or watching her mommy try to dougie. We tried to make it a fun and low key birthday for her; despite the fact that she probably didn’t realize that it was actually her birthday!

It was easy for us to decide to keep it small (close friends and family only) because you know, she’ll probably not remember most of it, and I didn’t want her to get agitated with too many unfamiliar faces around. So it was a pretty awesome day, we sang her Happy Birthday, and like any diva in the making would, she thoroughly enjoyed it. Now onto many many more great birthdays for our little angel !

We went to the zoo!

We went to the zoo!

Last weekend we took babyE to the zoo! We haven’t been in many years, and it was exciting to show her where daddy and I met many years ago (yes we met at the zoo). Our local zoo is under some renovation, so we didn’t expect to find much there, but we were pleasantly surprised.

BabyE is a fan of birds; she loves them, and points them out frequently when she goes on nature walks in our yard. We see a lot of birds on a daily basis, some of which enjoy taking regular sips from our dog’s water bowl. The zoo had a lot of variety of birds, they had coloured macaws, owls, flamingoes, and some varieties I couldn’t recognize.

However, the best part of the trip was when we got to feed the budgie birds. They had a cage full of these beautiful and colourful birds and they let you feed them, how awesome is that!  You put food in your palm and the birds descend on you and peck away at the bird seeds. Ms. E didn’t actually feed any birds, I did, but she was close by and one would think with so many birds descending on her that she would be scared, she was such a good sport. I think she was more curious than anything else, and at one point attempted to grab a bird’s wing.

Anyway here are a few pictures of a really fun day.

Double Duty : Birthday Decor turned baby room backdrop

Double Duty : Birthday Decor turned baby room backdrop

Dear friends, I love arts and crafts, it excites me and I have lots of fun doing it. I cannot wait till babyE is old enough so that we can enjoy some hard core finger painting and maybe some collages, I do enjoy a good collage.

Last week was our DD’s first birthday ( more on this is in another post) It was so much fun and she seem to enjoy it a lot, especially from all the smiles and attention she got, diva in the making, it’s so obvious at this point. Anyway, I decided to make my own decorations, just to have something unique and ungeneric (is that even a word?).

Here is a tutorial of what I made, which I can only describe as coloured circles hanging party decals, and then later baby room backdrop. I bought some coloured cartridge letter sized paper from a fabulous store called Growing Minds, they have everything a curious mind would love, educational toys and all.

I bought different colours so that it would look bright and cheery, I  picked all the neon colours I could find.

Trace circles onto the paper, you can make any size circles you like. My baby bullet short cup cover was the perfect size

After cutting out the circles, measure the ribbon to the appropriate length that you desire. Cut ribbon. I made seven ribbons, which was enough for the number of circles I had. Measure the distance you want between each circle. I measured mine at 5cm apart. Put a tiny bit of glue ( I ended up using a glue gun, I thought the glue would hold better) unto the back of the circles and glue to the ribbon. Repeat, with a dfferent colour circle until complete.

I hung them in the ceiling for her party, they were real pretty and unique too. Then afterwards I used them to create a backdrop behind her crib in her room.

She really enjoys tugging at them and they add some vibrancy to her room. Atleast I think so

Here are a few more pictures

Taming Tantrums With Fun

Taming Tantrums With Fun

Here are five great ways to de-crank your child so you’ll both be happier!

One of the best ways to turn a toddler’s frown upside down is to distract her from her angry mood with silly games. Here are some to try:
Sing some silly songs. For many toddlers, getting dressed can quickly turn into tantrum time.  So instead of struggling with your little one, try singing to her. Crooning a tune while putting on her pants can make the process fun instead of frustrating. This same tactic works well during other potentially explosive moments (for example, diaper changes, shampooing, hair combing) too. You can make up funny verses for existing songs (“I got shoes, babe…”) or create your own melody and lyrics to fit the bill.
Make a funny face. A goofy grin goes a long way when it comes to stopping a tantrum in its tracks.Once you’ve got her attention, ask if she has any requests: “Want Mommy to look surprised? How about sad?” Then exaggerate your expressions and watch your child go from grizzly to giggly pretty quickly.
Get playful. Defuse a tense moment by injecting play into the mix.For instance, if your youngster refuses to put on her shoes, tell her you’re going to put them on the cat instead. (“Here, kitty, time to get your shoes on!”) Chances are she’ll cooperate as she chuckles at your jokes.
Make believe. Turning a dreaded task into a flight of fantasy can make all the difference. For instance, if getting into the stroller is a flashpoint for tantrums, try playing a game of “spanning the globe” and pretend you’re heading off to the Congo to visit some magical monkeys. If bath time often brings out the bear in your child, it’s time for a round of “beauty shop,” complete with a “pedicure” and “facial.”
Meet a challenge with a challenge. A contest or race may be just the thing to compel a testy toddler to cooperate. For example, try holding a hand-washing contest (who can make the most suds?) or a clean-up race (who can put the toys away faster?). To make the race official, set a timer and play beat the clock while your toddler rushes to get ready for bed or scrambles into her stroller.


War of the veggies: Baby E: 1, Me: 2

War of the veggies: Baby E: 1, Me: 2

You know the popular saying if you can’t beat them join them? Well, I say if you can’t beat them, then trick them! Have you found that your once cooperative infant who used to enjoy her pureed peas, carrots or sweet potatoes now seem to constantly resist her veggies by hurling them across the room or throwing them to the ground into the waiting jaws of your family pet? I don’t know about you, but my soon to be toddler, seem to hate her veggies, detest them even. I don’t know if it’s the taste she doesn’t fancy or what, but I find it quite difficult to get her eat her carrots, peas, broccoli or anything in the veggie family.

I serve her diced carrots with turkey and she nibbles on the turkey, spit all the carrots out and then throw them to the ground. Faced with a dilemma of ‘veggies rejection’ I decided that what she doesn’t know certainly will not hurt her. So I started hiding her veggies in her favorite foods, hoping that she will eventually acquire the taste and get the requisite nutrients all at the same time. The good part is, at least for now she will certainly not be the wiser.

I know that she really enjoys pasta shells with melted cheese, so I puree carrots or sometimes broccoli and coat the pasta shells with the pureed veggie after I’ve cooked them, and then I add cheese and serve. She actually dug it, as evidenced by the empty plate and yummy sounds she made during her lunch. Recently I found a great homemade chicken nuggets recipe that I posted on the blog. I decided to try it, and substituted the oats for steamed carrots. I blended the carrots with the chicken breasts, added the spices, coated with bread crumbs and baked them for 20 minutes. They came out great and delicious, if I might add, and guess what DD gobbled them right up, the same carrots she refused the day before. Today she had a full serving of veggies and she is none the wiser.

I’ve even tried adding veggies to grilled cheese that I make her sometimes. I spread pureed peas on one side of the whole wheat toast and shredded cheese on the other, close and toast until cheese is melted, then I cut into tiny cubes and serve. She loves it!

I mean, by whatever means necessary right? I think so too.