“I know how to do anything—I’m a mom.” – Roseanne Barr

I’m back, I really am. I have been meaning to return to this blog that I abandoned two long years ago, but somehow I never found the time, I kept telling myself next week or later. I had so much stuff to share but never found the time to share it. So much has happened in that short time. I had another baby, I felt like i could handle another bundle of joy and i was right. now we have a boy and were pretty set. Fun times!

Also, I’ve been a stay at home mom now for a couple of years, it was involuntary at first and then with transitions and a new baby, it just seemed like the best thing to do for a while. At the time i wasn’t, but now i’ve truly been grateful for being laid off, which allowed me the chance to experience all the milestones I would have otherwise missed. It has been a challenge but I believe its something that I will always be grateful for especially when they are much older and when I eventually return to work.

Motherhood the second time around has been less chaotic, its like riding a bicycle you never forget. My son is 10 months old and I must say I’m far less stressed about what he wears, eats and how long he sleeps. My daughter is 3 years old now, and she is as curious and precocious as they come. She drills me daily with a 1000 questions and keeps me on my toes a lot, which i have to say is a good thing. My son has abandoned the desire to crawl, but has instead taken on cruising as his next major challenge. He cannot be held back, he is determined to chase after his big sis before he’s a year old. I support him, of course, but now its time to baby proof….again.

I really need to stay in touch this time, there is so much i want to share…

7 chores your toddler should be doing

7 chores your toddler should be doing

by Molly Balint


1. Pick up toys and put them into baskets or tubs.

2. Put away laundry pile. On small removable stickers, I drew pictures of what went into each drawer of my kids’ dressers. Undies, long sleeve tshirts, pajamas, etc. It’s been great for getting them to sort and put away laundry on their own. If you don’t want to make them yourself, here’s an adorable set from Crafterhours.

3. Fold laundry. Starting with small items like washcloths or tea towels is a great place to start. Eventually, they can “graduate” to things like their own pants and Tshirts which are small and easy to fold.

4. Pick up dirty laundry and put it in the hamper.

5. Put away silverware and non-breakables in the dishwasher. Obviously, you’ll want to remove the knives or other sharp objects first, but this is a simple task and works their sorting skills.

6. Pour water. My toddler likes to pour water. From the sink, to the floor. From the bathtub, to the floor. From her cup, to the floor. BUT, you can harness that “skill” for good by having them water plants or fill pet water bowls. And giving them a small watering can or cup for this job is perfect.

7. Empty small trash cans. Emptying small, lightweight trashcans is an easy task for a toddler. You can make it even easier by lining your cans with small plastic bags that they can simply lift out. Otherwise they can use those same “pouring” skills to dump trash into a larger bag that you or an older child holds open for them.

A few other ideas for your toddler’s to-do list? Wiping down sinks with non-toxic cleaners, dusting, carrying light grocery bags in from the car, closing cupboards.

With a little guidance we can enjoy these early years when our child actually jumps at the chance to help us clean! I’d love to hear what chores your toddler helps out with around the house.


Bye Bye Baby,Hello Toddler !

Bye Bye Baby,Hello Toddler !

My baby (I mean toddler) is one year old! Time sure flies especially when you’re enjoying being a mom. It’s been a great year, there were many great moments than there were challenges and I learnt a lot. I’ve never enjoyed a more exciting role than motherhood. My little one is a year going on three. She’s already walking (when she wants to move faster she crawls) She’s still is a bit cautious, which is puzzling to me, because she will climb the couch and lunge at the computer table fearlessly or climb the window sill to look out the window.

She had a great day; I’m assuming she did because she was smiling all day, which was our aim. Her smile is pretty normal in our home anyway, especially when she is rough-housing it with her dad or watching her mommy try to dougie. We tried to make it a fun and low key birthday for her; despite the fact that she probably didn’t realize that it was actually her birthday!

It was easy for us to decide to keep it small (close friends and family only) because you know, she’ll probably not remember most of it, and I didn’t want her to get agitated with too many unfamiliar faces around. So it was a pretty awesome day, we sang her Happy Birthday, and like any diva in the making would, she thoroughly enjoyed it. Now onto many many more great birthdays for our little angel !